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The TEXOXTM Process
From A Remedial Pilot Plant, To A Modular Process,
Then To Commercialization

             The development of a modular and transportable skid assembled Spent Caustic treatment process followed a decade of remedial response projects.  It was recognized that a self contained and automated process was necessary to meet future applications, safely and economically. 

            The continuous process was developed to treat several refinery storage tanks containing  over 650,000 gallons of spent caustic.  This project paved the path to fabricating modular equipment dedicated to the treatment of spent caustics.  The photograph below shows an overview of the reactors and support equipment where up to 25 gallons per minute of spent caustic was processed.


Below, the oxidant and catalyst storage tanks are shown.


                Once it was decided to fabricate a modular oxidation unit, it was first designed on paper,  then expressed in the table-top model shown below.  In this design model, the components that are shown spread out in the above photographs were unified into a single skid mounted unit.  The process was then completed in CAD software to produce shop drawings ready for fabrication.


Based on the novel design, US Patent No. 6,576,144 was granted:

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The full scale modular and transportable skid process
was contracted and fabricated accordingly.


The Process was then commercialized at a refinery and
has been in operation for nearly a decade:


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