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Various traditional disposal techniques of Spent Caustics included the following before the TEXOX Process was commercialized:

  • Traditional Disposal

    • Deepwell Injection (most common in the USA)

    • Dose at an extremely low rate into a very large biological wastewater treatment plant

    • Incineration

    • Wet Air Oxidation (Large capital costs and O&M costs)

  • TSD's (Transport, Storage, & Disposal Facilities)

    • Deepwell Injection (most common in the USA)

    • Broker to pulp & paper mills  (extremely limited applications)
    • Reclamation and Recovery of products (very limited applications)

    • Dose at extremely low rate into existing large wastewater treatment plant.

    • Incineration

    • Chemical treatment (non-oxidation)

  • Remedial Action & Disposal

    • TSD's
    • Deepwell Injection
    • Incineration  (no longer an alternative in the USA)
    • Dose at low ppm rates into existing biological wastewater treatment plants.
    • Chemical Treatment  (included in early TEXOX Processes)
    • Chemical Oxidation (may include catalyst)  (today's TEXOX Processes)

  •   The TEXOX Process

    • Complete treatment on-site using chemical oxidation
      • Hydrogen peroxide
      • Potassium permanganate
      • Ozone
      • Oxygen
      • Chlorine dioxide
      • chlorine (anhydrous and hypochlorite)

    • Complete and final disposal on-site.
      • Final polishing in existing biological wastewater treatment plant.

    • No off-site liabilities
    • No transportation Liabilities
    • No "Cradle-To-Grave" stewardship.
    • Complete final disposal and return to the watershed.

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