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    The application of TEXOXTM Processes is proven effective in several commercial applications.
    Typical results, as follows, are obtained:

        • Destruction Of All Noxious Odorous and Toxic Compounds

          • Sulfides oxidized to stable nonhazardous salts
            • Hydrogen sulfide, H2S, >99.99% destruction

          • Mercaptans (or thiols) transformed to non-odorous analogues
            • Ethylmercaptan, >99% destruction
              Methylmercaptan, >99% destruction
              EthylMethylmercaptan, >99% destruction
              Diethylmercaptan, >99% destruction
              Dimethylmercaptan, >99% destruction

          • Aromatic compounds, ring cleavage to simple alkanes
            • Phenol, >99% destruction
                Substituted Phenols, >99% destruction
              Cresol, o-, m-, p-   >99%
                Substituted Cresols, >99% destruction

          • Volatiles and Semi-Volatiles transformed to stable compounds
            • Including EPA 129 Volatile and Simi-volatile Priority Pollutants

        • Detoxification Of Toxic and Inhibitory Compounds
          • Passes oxygen uptake rate testing (Respirometry)
          • Passes TCLP tests
          • Passes RCRA tests for hazardous materials & wastes classifications
          • Process discharge compatible with WWTP

        • Reduction Of Empirical Substrates
          • Reduces COD by up to 85%
          • Reduces BOD by up to 75%
          • Reduces TOC by up to 60%

        • Regulatory Concerns
          • Meet NPDES Discharge Permit requirements
          • Process discharge near neutral pH
          • Product can be de-listed to a non-hazardous classification
          • Reduced OSHA and NIOSH concerns

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