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Specializing in the Treatment and Disposal of Spent Caustics, Waste Caustics, Toxic Wastes and Other Hazardous Waste Streams
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Texas Technology Provides On-Site Treatment
And Disposal Of Spent Caustics

The Best Alternative To Incineration and Deepwell Injection Disposal Practices.

Meets The Newest United Nations Resolutions And
Environmental Protection Laws Throughout The World.

Our TEXOXTM Processes Provide Complete Destruction
Of Noxious Odors,
Toxic, And Hazardous Compounds. 
Promotes The Safe Recycling Of The Effluent
Or Return To The Local Ecosystem.

The Results Of TEXOX Treatment Includes:

Compliance with United Nations and EPA Laws
On-Site Safe & Final Disposal

No Off-Site Hazardous Waste Liability
No Cradle-To-Grave Stewardship
No Transportation Liability
Environmentally Green Process
Compatible With Final Watershed & Ecosystem

TEXOX Eliminates Major Compounds Including:

Hydrogen Sulfide
Complexed Sulfides
Mercaptans (thiols) 

Plus Dozens Of Other Regulated Toxic & Hazardous Compounds
Listed in the USEPA 129 Priority Pollutants List.

TEXOX Operates At Lower Costs

The TEXOX Processes Are Proven To Operate At Lower Costs
Traditional Off-Site Facilities Using Deepwell Disposal,
Incineration, And Wet Air Oxidation Disposal Practices.

TEXOX Processes Are Flexible

TEXOX Processes are very flexible in adjusting
to changing conditions, concentrations, and flow rates
without decreasing efficiencies.

TEXOX Processes Are Automated

TEXOX Processes are available in various degrees of automation,
ranging from completely automated systems with remote monitoring
down to basic systems with manual controls and instrumentation at
greatly reduced capital costs.

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